Need a Great Butt Workout That really Works? Michelle Lewin's video

Looking For A Great Booty Blaster Workout? Check out Michelle Lewin's video, She knows how to do it right. Incorporate these exercises in your leg day routine and make sure to do it right.

Watch the video all the way through before doing the workout. Pay Attention to her form and make sure you keep tension in the glutes during the entire exercise with each exercise in this video. Engage your muscles and stay focused. If unsure of what weight you should use, try a weight thats moderately challenging. Dig deep, Don't cheat yourself, You can do it! 

(if your unsure, seek advice from your primary care provider before starting any exercise regimen)

Exercising to fast?

When exercising sometimes you may find yourself going fast, trying to just hurry through it to get it over faster. Don't do that! That tends to lead to sloppy, uncontrolled movement where your possibly throwing the weights around instead of keeping the tension in the muscles, allowing them to work, executing each movement correctly.

Are you resting to long?

However, training to slow isn't good either. A moderate tempo is good and  you don't want to rest to long in between each set. If you do take long rests, your heart rate goes down, you'll loose your pump, muscles get cold and your level of intensity decreases loosing your guaranteed results your trying to achieve.

Try to keep your rest periods to no longer than 1 min In between each set of exercise. Try to do 4 sets of each exercise.

Important to know! Do It! Get your results.If you have any questions, don't feel confident doing these exercises on your own call me. I'm here to help.