Fat burning exercises! 6 easy tips to burn fat fast

Optimizing your body's ability to burn fat while preserving your muscle-building gains is the ideal way to burning fat and keeping the fat off. Increasing your heart rate, increasing your thermo-core while lifting moderate to heavy weights.


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The most effective fat burning exercises, "short & sweet"

HIIT circuit usually is known as moderate-low intervals alternated with high-intensity intervals. That can consist of weighted squats with running.

It's one of the most effective ways to not just burn adipose tissue (stubborn fat), but it also increases aerobic and anaerobic endurance, increasing your metabolism. This will help you burn calories through out your day, way after you left the gym.

Know what your doing

An ideal fat burning training session would consist of  HIIT circuits- non stop circuit using moderate to heavy weight, increasing weight with each set. Now I have found some people do well with this style of training and some end up injuring themselves because they are unconditioned for the exercises within the circuits they are doing. If your not confident on doing the exercises, have a trainer, fitness expert train you in the proper technique and then get at it!

Don't sell yourself short

It's important to know properly how to execute the exercises so your not just selling your self short on receiving the full benefits of each of the exercises but your not, putting yourself at risk of injury, which is setting yourself up for failure in the future. Exercise is suppose to increase your strength, mobility and overall longevity, to benefit you for the future. Work with your body not against it!

Here's 6 Tips to burn fat fast.

Tip #1 Do each exercise in your circuit back to back with little or no rest. Do each set the same.

keeping heart rate elevated helps you burn the most calories.

Tip #2 Rest periods should be within 30 secs to 1 min.

Tip #3 increase weight with each set to get the maximum benefit, allowing you to build strength and ignite your metabolism, helping you tap into your fat storage, burning more fat throughout your day.

Tip #4 Remember your mind will defeat you before your body will. Stay focus, keep your mind right, and dig deep, breath and push through.

Tip #5 Stay hydrated and take your amino's! If your dehydrated you won't be able to push through. Make sure you are drinking up to a gallon of water a day. If you struggle with your water consumption, the night before your training session, make a point to drink as much water as possible and then, first thing in the morning drink a 16+ ounces of water with your amino's. Then an hr later drink more water.

*suggestion: Amino's can be taken before and after a workout, and before you go to bed based on intensity of workouts. (helps with recovery of muscles)

Tip #6 Having a heart rate monitor and device that can track your activity levels, helps to give you an idea of how many calories your burning during a session, how high your heart rate is so you can have more control over your caloric intake (food consumption). This truly simplifies your life. Remember you don't want to over eat. Eat what you use for energy. You don't want to store any more fat. Think of eating to satisfy the formula of "energy in to produce energy out". Your on your way to becoming a lean mean machine!

*I love the apple watch, it helps me monitor my heart rate, how many calories I burn throughout my day and I don't miss a phone call.