How to exercise your abs!

Great Tips to know when doing abs exercises! Push your abs to exhaustion. Check out the first part of the video to understand how to get the most out of your abs exercises. 


Apply this approach to your abs routine. If you don't already have one, here is a rountine. Remember your abs are an endurance muscle so you begin working your abs when you start to feel the burn. Do't stop keep going till you just can't go anymore. Thats when timing the exercise becomes beneficial. Keep tension in the abs, if you feel strain in your lower back, re adjust and flatten back against mat or bench and re-engage abs. Dig deep, breath and you got this!

Total of 3 sets 3-4 x's a week.

1 abs exercise - Upper crunch

Set 1-1 min

Set 2 & 3- 25 reps

2 abs exercise - Lower Leg Lifts

Set 1- 1 min

Set 2 & 3- 25 reps

3 abs exercise - Bicycles

 Set 1- 1 mins

Set 2 & 3- 25 reps

For another abs exercise rountine check out this video