12 Week Weight-Loss Challenge Program - Drea's Paleo Melt Down

                                                         40 Year Old Mother Of 5 Children.

                                                              Diet is 75 % & 25% Exercise

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Are you tired of the dieting roller coaster?  Are you ready to make a permanent change to your health and your life?  If so, you’ve come to the right place!  This is the end of your dieting nightmare!  This 12-week challenge is intended to reprogram your mindset and create life-long changes in your body and your mind. Here’s how it all started:


As the mother of five kids, I, myself, have spent many years on that dieting roller coaster.  During my own battle with weight, I often felt confused, wondering which diet programs really worked. I was tired of seeing my weight go up and down. I just wanted to be healthy, look good and mostly, I wanted to take control of my life! As one point, I was 45 pounds over my ideal weight.  I was depressed and I looked and felt crazy.  I had to do something about it, but in a real way. I was done being consumed with the diets.  I became determined to take control.


After a ton of research and my own personal application, I found a way to look and feel good consistently! No more roller coaster. With this approach that I discovered, LOOKING GOOD is not a matter of depriving yourself.  The truth is, the things that we eat not only effect how we look, they influence our mindset and our outlook on life!  By introducing new foods and eliminating others, you experience a considerable change right away.  After 12 weeks of sticking to this program, the body and mind completely transform! 


After implementing this program privately with my own clients over the past few years, I am thrilled to now bring Drea’s Paleo Meltdown to you through a 12-week online weight loss challenge! Here’s what’s included:


·         Paleo grocery list

·         Paleo meal prep guide

·         Weekly Paleo meal plan

·         Paleo Recipes

·         Tips for success

·         Private support group with daily advice, articles, and discussions with others on the journey


12 Weeks to completely transforming your body and putting an end to the diet.

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