Muscle Activation Technique-MAT know how to ADdress what is causing you pain

A client recently stated, "Living a busy, active life, I found my joints are getting a beating and no matter how many times I myo-fascia release and stretch, I still feel stiff, achy and pain in my joints and back." JM

When you over stress your muscles due to everyday life and/or high intensity training, it can take a toll on your muscular and nervous systems. Your muscles become tight, your body becomes unstable and your joints lose their mobility.

When your body recognizes instability your nervous system sends a signal to your muscles to tighten up as protective mechanism. The communication between the brain and muscles become altered, which causes muscles to fire inefficiently, interfering with the muscles optimal contracting abilities. 

When you can properly identify the muscles that are weak, you can begin to improve the activation of the muscles to contract on demand they were designed to do. Allowing you to strengthen them.

GregRoskopf, the founder, strengthening coach at Fresno State University, developed MAT,which evaluates and corrects muscular imbalances that contribute to chronic pain and injury. For those who feel their body is not improving with the traditional corrective approach of deep tissue massage (myo-fascia release), stretching, strengthening, chiropractic, etc. Maybe your not including what your body needs to address that particular pain. We sometimes need to release the over active muscles (ART-active release technique, myo-fascia release with stretching) but to always bring balance to our bodies, we as well need to strengthen the weak muscles that work together with the over active ones. The weak muscles don't always activate as they should, which lets us know there is an issue with the connection between our brain and muscles. This is where MAT, muscle activation technique comes into play.

Knowledge is valuable and knowing what your body needs, doing it, will help your body mend itself.