4 Important Steps To Get Faster Results

Add these 4 tips every time to your intense training regime, consistently, no exceptions! You'll be amazed at your results.

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Catabolism is the process that takes place during the intense workout process. Stress is placed on your muscle fibers which breaks them down. That is why what you do or don't do after your workout affects your results.

The recovery phase takes place immediately right after the intense workout session. This is when the muscles begin to repair and build, called muscle protein synthesis. You must help/assist your body with this process by providing these 4 tips. These Tips are Non-Negotiable!

1-Refuel (also known as Post Nutrition): Think healthy Carbs, Protein/Aminos.

To optimize muscle growth and recovery, suggested consumption of about 3 to 4 oz of carbs and 20+grams of protein is ideal. Replenishing the body's energy source (glucose storage) through carbrohydrates and protein providing the body amino acids (the nutrients) which are the building blocks for muscle protein synthesis within 30 mins after intense resistance training, has been linked to improve body composition and strength. ( kerksick, c. et al, 2008)

2-Stretching: Make stretching fit in your schedule. At least 30 sec to 45 secs per muscle. 

It is one of the most often neglected part of exercising. This results in injury, imbalanced muscle performance and strength, postural, alignment deviations,  inability to perform adequately resistance training and /or cardio. Also increasing further injuries with activities of daily life (ADL's). Remember, tension doesn't release tension. Focus on your breathing and with every exhale allow your body to relax in the stretch.

3-H2O: Drink adequet of water throughout your day. You should consume at least 40oz of water by mid morning, approx 10am.

Do not neglect your daily intake of water.Take in consideration that once you feel dehydrated your body is unable to quickly hydrate itself so you will be left feeling weak, tired, lethargic at times but definitely lacking energy and slowing down your metabolism. Keep in mind, when your tired you make poor food choices and if your metabolism is slow, your just pushing your fitness/ health goals further away from the achievement line.

Benefits: Helps with digestion, transports nutrients, metabolic process, muscle cramping...

4-Rest:Mandatory 6 to 8 hrs a night. Plan accordingly to get to bed at a resonable hour to get the mandatory time of sleep your body needs. Its as important as you being to work on time. Schedule it in to make it work with your lifestyle. No exceptions!


Rest in between workouts: Give at least a day or two between heavy lifting training to allow the muscles to recover. Alternating body parts when lifting consecutive days in a row ensures adequate rest in between sessions. I can go more into details, based on specifics needs and intensity approaches, which I'll share another time. Just make sure your not neglecting your rest days, nutrition,stretching and hydration. which will increase risk for injury.

Follow these important factors to enhance your recovery process, (muscle protein synthesis) and decrease your risk of injury so you can keep moving faster to your goal.