Lifting heavy weights builds overall strength that lasts and boost your metabolism. Is that true?

Whats your reasoning for working out? What does getting in shape mean for you? I could bet that majority of people really want to be heathier by feeling better, looking better, but want to do it fast and without the hardwork that is required to keep it off once the goal weight is achieved. If you could learn about a fitness training method that is the grandfather of strength training and is an important part of the foundation to your health, and it would help you build a lifestyle that you'll sustain for life, look good, feel good for the rest of your life, will you do it? Learn about Metabolic conditioning

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What is Metabolic conditioning

"Metabolic conditioning is no joke, and when you are doing it you will know it. Actually, most people know exactly what it feels like; they probably just don’t realize it. Have you ever been in a tug-o-war battle that lasted over a minute? Or chopped down a tree with an old-fashioned axe? Pushed a heavy wheelbarrow up a hill? Spent all day digging a hole? Or played virtually any contact sport that involved all out effort imposed on an object that was pushing back on you (martial arts, wrestling, American Football)? If you have then you know exactly what metabolic training is.

In these types of movements you are not aerobic or anaerobic you are both. You will spend periods of time in the aerobic zone and periods of time above the lactate threshold. You are not just doing cardiovascular training or resistance training you are doing both. Your not isolating any particular area of the body, you are simultaneously exerting every muscle you have available. You will be moving up, getting down, exploding through a set of heavy squats, repping out as many push-ups as you can, and blasting through a 1-minute sprint. And all of this will be done with little rest between exercises. You will usually be carrying some sort of weights with you throughout the workout, abandoning them only briefly to complete a sprint drill or two. Metabolic training is often described as getting sucked into a vortex with a pair of dumbbells.

There are many studies that look at different forms of high intensity exercise, but a study printed in the September 2008 issue of The Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research demonstrates the impact Metabolic exercise style of training can have over a more traditional approach. In this study two exercise sessions were compared. Each workout was identical in terms of the amount of work completed (volume of exercise was the same); the only difference was the order of how things were done. In one workout the resistance training and cardiovascular portions were done separately and completed one after another. In the other program, the resistance-training workout was completed with the cardiovascular component inserted between exercise sets. In other words, the workout was intermixed with periods of weight lifting and cardiovascular exercise integrated together. The amount of sets, reps, and weight lifted were the same in each workout and the total amount of cardiovascular exercise was equal. Despite the identical workload, the intermixed workout produced a ten times greater fat loss compared to the separated workout. Surprisingly, the intermixed group also saw better gains in muscle mass. Strength and endurance were improved in the upper body to a greater degree with the separated workout while lower body strength and endurance were better with the intermixed workout."  read more

4 specific criteria needed to be met when doing metabolic conditioning.
1-Get Breathless- difficulty talking, out of breath
2-You Need To Get Burning- an intense burning sensation in your muscles
3-You Need To Lift Heavy- explosive movements, modified would be bodyweight plyometrics
4-You Need To Generate Heat- if you aren’t sweating your not getting hot enough