Burn fat faster by building more muscle mass

Ladies, are you scared to lift heavy in fear of looking manly? It's a common misunderstanding that by lifting heavy weight you'll turn your fat into muscle and bulk up, making you look like a female bodybuilder who looks like a man. It won't happen! A lady needs to take a hormone- testosterone booster to get to that point. Also its not easy to build muscle, trust me, you can't accidentally get there. It takes real desire to put in the hard work, dedication and discipline, with consistency to make it happen. So with that, to burn fat faster, lets build our muscles, ladies!


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To understand more why as a lady, you would want to focus on building muscle, you have to understand the priceless benefits that will give you the desire to put in the work. I put together a list of benefits in hopes that it will ignite your desire to lift heavy and build your muscles.

 Benefits of ladies building their muscles

  • Burn calories/fat long after you leave the gym
  • Be in the best shape of your life and maintain it! No more roller coaster diet rides
  • Increase metabolism and longevity. Your muscles are the body's engine.
  • Decrease injuries/aches/pains associated with age 
  • Increase performance of daily activities and increase stamina
  • Reverse time and feel young again no matter your age
  • Decrease limitations, enhancejoy of life
  • Prevent or reverse osteoporosis 
  • Decrease risks of cancer(s) and CAD, health risks, etc
  • Strengthen overall posture and proper movement
  • Look and feel sexy
  • The list could go on and on....

Your body is made to move, and building muscles builds strength and the capacity to move efficiently, achieving overall well being. The side affect is you being in the best shape of your life and maintaining it!

Want a workout program to build your muscles and start looking and feeling great?

Check out BodyByDrea's "workout programs" for each muscle group, including a "tips for success" chart and more to guarantee your results.

If you have any questions shoot me an email or call 760-658-4708. I'm here to help you get real results.


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