New Season, New Regime!

The last of the summer barbecues are over, and if you're anything like me, the social dining and drinking of the summer have caught up to you and you're looking to get back on track. For the rest of September, I'll be giving you some tips and advice on how to do just that. 


No matter what stage you're at in life, there are always excuses on why you can't get in shape: perhaps you're too busy, or you don't have the money for a gym membership. Maybe you don't see the sense starting a healthier meal plan until after your next birthday party, date night or book club. I'll let you in on a secret: thinking about it is the hardest part! Once you make the decision to start, the rest falls into place, day by day, until one morning you go from dreading a workout to craving one.

Hiring a personal trainer will give you the fastest results and the highest level of accountability and support. It's easy to get overwhelmed when there is so much information out there telling women conflicting stories on how to best care for their bodies. Thankfully, the last few years have given us a number of strong, healthy women to look up to (Jillian Michaels, Kacy Catanzaro!), and the focus has been less on making that number on the scale shrink down and more towards building lean muscles and a strong, healthy physique.

Do you have questions on nutrition, exercise techniques, or the latest diet all your friends are on? Send them our way, and we will answer them here on the blog. Whether you're a local client or someone across the country who stumbled upon this blog by chance, we hope you look to us for support, advice, and positivity throughout your fitness journey. We want this blog to be a place where we take Andrea's knowledge from inside the gym and make it accessible to women everywhere. We hope you'll follow along! For now, here, here's some inspiration that helps to change the phrase "like a girl". 


If you're inspired to start a new regimen, book an introductory session with Andrea and follow along over the next few weeks.