Running: Let's Get Started

Once upon a time, I considered myself a runner. I participated in fun runs, adventure runs and run clubs and spent most of my time talking about or thinking about running. I trained for months for a half marathon, ran half of it, fractured my foot, and limped the second half in a miserable lopsided walk/run. 

Not only did I break my foot that day, but my spirit was also broken when I was told I couldn't run for a few months. Even once I'd recovered, I'd lost so much of my conditioning and was no longer able to run the way I had before my injury. Each time I'd try, I would get discouraged until running was no longer something I enjoyed. 

That was a couple years ago, and I have to tell you, I miss running. Sometimes I get pangs of nostalgia, and I think about all the great times I had running. I remember fall days running through the park, all my stresses falling away as the miles passed. And so, I'm trying again. 

I have finally accepted that to run again, I have to start back at square one. A friend invited me to run a 10k with her in December, and I've signed up. I'm going to track my progress with you to a) keep me accountable with my training and b) encourage you to train along with me. 

Have you run a race before?