Whole 30: Week Two.

Week two is where I was really starting to notice the changes with how my body felt. I woke up with energy and fell asleep quickly and deeply every night. No more groggy mornings of hitting the snooze button three times before having to scramble out the door. My clothes fit me about the same, but I was feeling less sleepy, less groggy, and overall more cheerful.

By the end of week two, meal prep was starting to be a little less fun (definitely more of a chore, as were all the dishes!) but I was no longer googling "Is (insert food or condiment here) Whole 30 compliant?" like I was for the first week. 

During week two, I also discovered Beaming. If you're a San Diego local, this cafe in Del Mar is a great place to check out. Their whole menu is comprised of raw, plant based foods and it's my favorite place to buy on-the-go snacks and meals. Some favorites of mine: Kale-afornia smoothie, Arugula Curry Soup, and the most delicious (and healthy!) Thai salad. (Full disclosure, I added some chicken to my salad because protein is a necessary part of my everyday diet.0

 Beaming, a Del Mar raw foods cafe.

Beaming, a Del Mar raw foods cafe.

They've shared some of their favorite recipes on their site for you to check out here

The best thing about Whole 30, is that by the second week, I'd kicked my cravings. All the sugar and carbs and alcohol are hard to give up at first, but once you start eating clean, you quickly forget about them and start craving meats and veggies. Instead, I looked forward to green juices, broccoli, bison burgers, and of course the Coconut Mushroom Ginger Chicken!