Juicology: Coming Soon.

Over the weekend, I had the opportunity to chat with Seth Kinkaid of the local company, Juicology. Along with partner Eric Occhipinti, he's getting ready to launch Juicology after years of preparation and research. What sets this juice brand apart from other juice bars in the industry? Their products are 100% organic. They will be providing a wide variety of flavors in four categories: waters, juices, purees and shots. 


Living in Southern California, we have all done a juice cleanse or been around friends cleansing. Personally, it's not for me. My body doesn't perform well running on juice-only, and I'm very unpleasant to be around if I haven't had protein with every meal. However, I'm a regular juicer (the greener, the better, with extra ginger). I'll often supplement a protein-rich breakfast with a green juice, or bring one along as a mid-day snack. Organic, cold press juices are a great way to pack your veggie nutrition in when you don't have the time (or the appetite) to prepare your vegetables.

With their gorgeous, minimal design and dedication to the integrity of their ingredients, I have no doubt this company will succeed in health-crazed San Diego. I can't wait to try out their juices, and am especially excited for the J5: apple, beet, carrot, ginger, lemon & pineapple. Yum! New or expecting moms can look forward to their puree flavors as a local, organic alternative to bland jarred baby food.

 The J5:  apple, beet, carrot, ginger, lemon & pineapple.    

The J5: apple, beet, carrot, ginger, lemon & pineapple.


Track their progress at www.juicology.co, or follow them on Instagram @juicologysd.