Breakfast, Fast & Fresh.


If you're anything like me, weekday mornings are full of frenzy. Sometimes you don't have the time to make your protein-packed frittata, but you aren't going to let yourself succumb to that gluten-filled bagel. My favorite go-to is the smoothie. Ever since getting a Vitamix, I'm all about crafting the perfect smoothies to fit my whimsical taste. Have a favorite recipe? Throw the ingredients in a ziplock and toss it in the freezer, so you literally only need one minute until your breakfast is served. 

The smoothies you find at most chain juice bars are likely filled with dairy, serious no-nos on the paleo diet. Others use juice as a base, skyrocketing your sugar intake. The fresh, organic juice bars are great, but they cost an arm and a leg! Why not try some out at home? 


1. Leave out the dairy! Most smoothie bars use milk as a base. If you're living the Paleo life, that's not going to fly with you. Here are some of my favorite base liquids:

  • Coffee! For my morning smoothies, I'll throw black coffee in a blender with my protein powder (grass-fed!), some almond butter, a sprinkle of cinnamon and a handful of greens for an energizing post-workout drink. 
  • Nut milks. Make your own! Hazelnut is a favorite of mine, but almond milk works great, too.  
  • Coconut water is a great base for your plant-based smoothies. I love a mix of kale, cucumbers, pineapple, and coconut water. It's a refreshing summer smoothie!

2. Add healthy fats to keep you satisfied throughout the morning. Add an avocado, a scoop of almond butter, or a tablespoon of coconut oil to your regular recipe and notice a difference throughout the day. 

3. Bump up your greens! If you don't like eating your veggies, go ahead and drink them. Throw an extra handful of spinach or kale into your blender. 

In the mood to celebrate the season? Click through for my friend Melissa's take on a creamy, pumpkin, paleo smoothie!