PaleoBloks: More Details!

Things are really coming along with our sister company, PaleoBloks. For those of you who have not yet heard, PaleoBlox is a 100% paleo meal delivery service. Our service takes the guesswork out of feeding our bodies the healthiest, most nutritious food. Many of you have asked for a more detail, and what PaleoBloks is all about, so here are a few answers to our most FAQ.


What sets PaleoBloks apart from other services?

1. You can choose your meals for the week. Is there a certain flavor, meat, or vegetable that you really dislike? You can choose from our wide variety of meals to choose the foods you love to eat, and avoid those you don't.

2. Our founder, Andrea, is a personal trainer, a mother, and a health advocate. PaleoBloks is more than just a business to her, it's a passion and a drive to provide her clients with the best tools possible to achieve their health and fitness goals. She herself lives paleo. 

3. With PaleoBloks, you can choose from three different levels (our "bloks") to tweak the program to your specific needs. 

4) We work with doctors and nutritionists to give you the facts that our meals are as healthy as we say. 

5) Our meals are 100% Paleo.

Our chicken is truly cage free.  Some "cage free" chickens are still forced to live in crates, or only see the sun for a few hours each day. Not our chickens! The chickens we use to create your meals run free as chickens were meant to.

Our beef, bison, and lamb meats are grass fed. Why is that important? Grass fed animals don't contain the added hormores that are included in many conventional grain-fed diets. They are also higher in important vitamins and antioxidants. 

We have also done our research to provide you with meats that come from humanely butchered animals. The meat of inhumanely butchered animals contains traces of hormones and steroids, which are then passed on to humans through consumption of the meat. The butchers we employ are thoughtful and humane, treating their animals with respect. 

We take care and pride in what we serve to our clients. We want you to come back again and again, confident that we will provide the best meals for you and your families. We hope PaleoBloks provides you with the resources to be your healthiest, by nourishing your body the proper way with the highest quality ingredients. 

6)Need help? New to Paleo? This is our passion! We will assist you in creating the best orders for YOU so that you can have convenient, healthy foods custom tailored to your needs. We want to help you stick to your healthy diet goals. Are you struggling with paleo eating? Is there something you'd love to see on our menu? Please reach out! We love feedback from the communities we serve.

We are about to start serving San Diego County and Los Angeles County. If you would like service in your city, please email us. We can also deliver through FedEx.

Are you as excited about PaleoBloks are we are? Sign up here for more information on our official launch and tasting dinners.