5 Tips to Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

With so much information out there, how do you know what are the most important things to do to get real results?

First, everyone's body is different and I'm sure many of you have tried something that worked for someone else but didn't work for you, right? So I've put together these tips to help you narrow down the basic important things to do to lose weight, get toned, build muscle, and maintain it. As you learn, your body you can make changes that will increase your results to get you in the best shape of your life. 


Tip 1

Diet is so important! What you eat will be your journey to find out what works best for your body. Remember, your gut will tell you everything. If your gut doesn't like it, you shouldn't eat it. Follow these guidelines:

  • Portion control

  • No refined or added sugar

  • Eat fruit during the day, not at night

  • Eat more veggies than fruit, but eat both

  • Balance your eating with real, whole foods

  • Moderation with everything

  • Consume good fats and lean proteins

  • Eat clean, non-processed carbs

  • Eat light at night and really try not to eat after around 6 pm (unless you specifically need to carb load for physical activity next day). Hint: If you’re really starving after 7 pm, try a protein shake or 1 to 2 hard boiled eggs, if you have too (in other words, stick to good fats and protein at night).

  • Drink close to 128 oz (1 gallon) of water a day unless otherwise advised by doctor

Tip 2

Engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity at least 3 days a week. Your body burns a certain amount of calories resting (basal metabolic rate or BMR). Your calories burned working out should exceed the calories you eat beyond your BMR. But it's important to understand that this doesn't mean your should skip meals. If you don't eat enough, your body will hold on to the food you do consume, thinking it is in starvation mode. Have meals planned out as you have your workouts planned out. Follow these guidelines:

  • Plan your workouts, 3 days a week with a rest day in between.

  • Workout all major muscle groups between the 3 workouts.

  • Repeat your weekly workout plan for 2 weeks, then change the regimen.

Tip 3

healthy eggs for lean protein

No late night eating. That's a sure way to pack on some pounds. If weight gain is what you're trying to do, make sure the weight you gain is good weight. Great carb loading options include rice, potatoes, and pasta. If you're not trying to gain weight, drink water and herbal teas at night.

Hang in there! It will get easier, I promise. Note: Your body is probably used to eating late, so if you switch it up, you'll feel uncomfortable at first. Follow these guidelines:

  • Drink water and herbal teas when you get a late night craving to munch

Tip 4

This is mandatory! You must engage in high calorie cardio sessions when you eat a high calorie indulgence. When you eat high calorie food, be prepared to get in a good high calorie burn session that night or  wake up early to get in a fasting cardio session. The goal is to burn the calories you ate instead of letting them hang around. The sooner you burn them off, the faster you can move toward your goals without having to go backwards because you enjoyed yourself too much.

Tip 5

Drink plenty of water first thing in the morning, throughout your day, and especially after a cheat meal. How much you may ask? Make your goal 128 ounces (a gallon) per day. If this feels overwhelming, break it down to 8 16-ounce water bottles a day. If you have heart issues or any health problems consult with your doctor to know how much she or he recommends. Drinking 16 ounce of water first thing in the morning will start your day off right. You might be borderline dehydrated after going all night without fluid. Drinking water first thing can prevent a long list of symptoms of dehydration such as fatigue, slow thought process, and irritability. After a cheat meal it's particularly important to drink water because a lot of times the cheat meal is full of sodium. The sodium can dehydrate you and make you feel hungry. You don't want that. 

These tips have helped me achieve my goals and also helped me develop a realistic way of living a healthy life. Healthy eating and living should be a a major goals. Give yourself the time to learn your body and discipline yourself in ways that allow you to live healthy, stay fit, and feel great. It's really about living happy. Being healthy makes your body happy and that will in turn help you to enjoy life. Oh yeah, the side effect is you look great at the same time!

If you find yourself in a rut and you need some motivation or you just want to show up and get it done, knowing your on the right track to your goals, give me a call. I'm here to help! I can help you find your healthy way of living so you can reap your rewards time and time again. No more roller coaster, make it happen. It's possible!

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