Whole 30: Weeks 3 & 4


Week three went by without many problems, but by week four I was dying for some easy food. Going out to eat, I'd have to ask the details of my salad dressing and what type of oil they cook their meat and veggies. I was that person, that obnoxious crossfitter who would freak out if I accidentally ingested a smidge of soybean oil. 

My first post-Whole 30 meal: sushi, followed by a brownie ice cream sundae. It tasted SO good, and my body felt SO bad afterwards. 

My take away from the Whole 30: It's a great way to really clean out your body and jump start a new, healthier lifestyle. The problem with Whole 30 is that it's SO strict, that after depriving yourself of every impulse for a month, you expect amazing results! Some people have them, but I did not. I actually gained two pounds! Eating so much protein and working out several times a week caused me to increase my muscle mass and gain weight. What's great about working out with Andrea, is that a trainer will keep you from getting discouraged. My clothes fit better, I felt better, had more energy and better sleep. Who cares about the scale when that's the case? Fitness is about so much more than just a number. 

Of course, we are advocates of the paleo lifestyle, but we also know that food is a huge part of our culture. Once in awhile, it's okay to indulge and break bread with our family and friends.