Hiking at Torrey Pines.

Living in San Diego, there's no shortage of outdoor fitness activities. Surfing, running, and kayaking can be done year round. Informal clubs can be found to join a team for almost any sport, including adult kickball. There's not much of an excuse to not get out and exercise when we have near-perfect weather. 

One of my favorite activities is hiking. There are several great trails all over the county, but a favorite is Torrey Pines. Not only does it have multiple trails to hike with varying mileage, but you can't beat those ocean views! 

Last week, Andrea showed us a few ways to vary the normal hiking routine. From the parking lot, there's a paved hill leading up to the main trails. To warm up, we started with a brisk walk and threw in some sprinting intervals. Hill sprints are HARD, but they're great to build endurance, burn fat, and become a better runner. 

After that, Andrea had us do walking lunges along the dirt trails. We finished the workout by briskly hiking the rest of the trail, then heading back down to the beach. It was a great workout that can be done with friends. 

To plan your next route, check out the trail maps. Grab some friends and head outside to get in your workout for the day!

 Photos by Heather Aldrich

Photos by Heather Aldrich