From Fat to Fit: Three Unexpected Benefits of Personal Training

Many of my clients seek out personal training because they’re overweight. Christine is one of those clients, and over the next few months she’ll be sharing her progress with us. Check out the first and second post in the series. 

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I started personal training only a couple of weeks ago, but I’m already slimming down (we won’t do formal measurements for a couple more weeks) and getting stronger. I’m also noticing several unexpected benefits of personal training in my personal and work life.

My Productivity Is Up Due to Personal Training

According to Andrea, time is the most common excuse people have for not following through with personal training and wellness. I laughed when Andrea told me this. I have noticed a significant increase in my productivity since I started meeting with Andrea a week ago.

I don’t know whether it’s the diet, the exercise, or just the thrill of trying something new, but I am working way faster than ever before.

An End to Emotional Eating and Guilty Cheating

It’s quite possible that this newfound clarity of mind comes from my new diet. Normally, at any given time, half of my brain is pondering what to eat next. Now, food is fuel—not a stress reliever or emotional pick-me-up—and I eat small meals every few hours rather than whatever I want whenever I happen to feel hungry. It’s surprisingly freeing.

At the same time, Andrea isn’t set on perfection. When I was gluten free, I felt super guilty whenever I cheated. However, the day after Easter I told Andrea that I had had two pieces of chocolate cake the day before, and she said not to worry about it since it was a holiday. Seriously! I also get one “splurge day” per week, which helps curb those sugar cravings the rest of the week.

I’m Challenging Myself More at Home


The other day I went running on my own—it’s something I do on the days I’m not training with Andrea—and I really wanted to give up and walk starting about 50 yards from the goal I had set at the beginning of my work out. I felt like I was dragging. Then I pictured myself doing assisted pull ups with Andrea—more than I ever thought possible—and I got a new burst of energy that allowed me to finish with a kick in my step.

That same ability to push myself has translated into my life as a freelance writer. Sometimes I just want to give up on a tough assignment—and often I will for a time—but lately I’ve started pushing myself through those periods of writer’s block. To my surprise, I usually get incredible bursts of creativity on the other side. (Perhaps part of why I’m working so much faster!)

Andrea’s Note: This is just a few of the unexpected benefits my clients may get when they begin personal training. What will your personal training experience be like? Contact me today here or at (888) 347-6852 to get started.