"She's compassionate and intense."

I've been working with Andrea for several years nowshe's amazing, and is the one trainer (of many) who I will use time and time again. I originally hired her to get in shape for my wedding, but have continued to use her for pre- and post-pregnancy training, etc. She's a woman who knows how to get you results! She's compassionate and intense at the same time, with dedication to keeping you on track! If you're wanting to get in shape for a special event, you're wanting to break free of a stagnant lifestyle, or you're wanting to lose some serious weight, Andrea is your girl! She works with all types of clients, and you can't help but love her one-of-a-kind personality, too!    

-Holly K.

"She helped me believe in myself."

Getting back in shape is tough, finding a great trainer you can connect with can be impossible. Andrea is the real deal. A mother of 5. She's got the experience and dedication to know how to get you pain free and in the best shape of your life. She helped me on so many levels it's hard to put into words. For me, it was refreshing to have someone who's a mom, works, and takes care of herself. No excuses with Andrea. You're not too old, too busy, too far gone to get it back. She is tough but patient. Good results don't happen over night. She helped me believe in myself and she turned my fear into strength. As I got in shape, I became more confident and my stress of managing my family became easier. I lost 35lbs over the course of 5 months and gained a truly amazing friend. I learned how to incorporate exercises and stretches at home. And then every workout with Andrea was custom. She made me do sprints with my baby stroller and then hit the ropes. Would I do that on my own, no way! Was it an amazing workout, yes. And my toddler was laughing and having fun. I can't thank her enough. And some things are too personal to write but she deserves accolades. She loves what she does and it shows.

-Laura B.

"She is my cheerleader."

I have been working out with Drea for about one year now, although I have known her much longer.  She documents our workouts in a little book which I keep with me so I can make selections for the times I work out on my own.  She understands my body and tailors our workouts to my capabilities and we continue to strive for new goals and work on my weaknesses.  She is my cheerleader and we celebrate together when a new milestone is reached.  If I am out of gas, she encourages me to finish when I may think I can't.  I have become much stronger and more confident in myself since Drea has been my trainer.  Plus, she is a wonderful, caring person and we have a lot of fun together.

-Susan L.

"My speed on the treadmill has tripled!"

I have been working out with Drea for a few months now. It all started when I realized that I was too tired to walk up the stairs in my little house. I called Andrea up and asked her to please help me. She is amazing. She easily figured out what I needed and how far to push me. My speed on the treadmill has seriously tripled! A few days ago I hurt my back at work. I was upset about the pain, but what I really was sad about, was I thought that I would not be able to work with Drea for a few weeks.  Not the case! Andrea put together a package that keeps me moving and stretching without injuring myself further.

-Tiffany S.

What a difference working out with a trainer like Andrea makes to achieving your goals. With a knee surgery that went awry, Andrea had the knowledge and patience with me in strengthening and stretching to near perfection. She can be tough, but your energy level and fitness level will thank you for it. She is a kind and a very thorough trainer...Well worth a visit to find out for yourself. If there was a “10” to give on Yelp, Andrea would get it.
— Mary ann T.

Andrea is amazing, I don’t know what I would do without her. She gives me the strength, motivation and extra push I need. She is so good about teaching you the right way to work out and what form to use on each machine. If you are looking for a awesome strategic new way of life and way to work out she is your gal. She has so much patience and experience it’s unreal. I would honestly recommend her for any body type. She knows exactly what is best for each individual. I was 230lbs after my first baby, I gained almost 100lbs, with her love and support I am 170lbs almost to my goal weight of 150. She is honestly a god sent! You will not be disappointed. (she has 4 kids, so she knows what excursuses work for us mom and our mommy pouches) Thanks Andrea, I luv you!!
— Mimi V.

Andrea doesn’t really fit into the “Personal Trainer” category. I’ve worked with some of those folks. Even if there was a Master’s degree in Kinesiology, they seemed limited in what they can do for you by comparison. Andrea doesn’t just make you stronger or you look better. She can take a knee that doesn’t work very well and a shoulder that never really recovered from surgery (six years ago!) and make them better. Waaaay better. Fitness isn’t just what you look like. It’s deeper, more involved. Andrea knows how to make you fit, strong, flexible. She knows how to get your body to do a great job for you. She’s a personal trainer, physical therapist, yoga guru, Pilates instructor...I’m probably leaving a few things out...all rolled into one.
— Karen K.

Best of the Best workouts Ever! Creative, Challenging, Effective. The point-by-point detailed attention from Andrea has helped me maintain a steady improvement in my overall fitness. I’m looking forward to another great year training with The Best. Thanks Andrea:-)
— Jana C.

Without Andrea, I’d be thirty pounds heavier and not have a clue how to workout effectively. Our sessions push me to the max, and I truly love the way my body looks and feels as a result.
— Christine Anderson

I really enjoy working out with Andrea and have gotten results with the excercises and routines she’s designed for me. With her academic background, she really understands the body, muscles, bones and what specific types of exercises you should be doing to target the areas you want to tone and improve upon. When we’re working out, she makes it fun, motivates me and makes me feel like I can do and accomplish anything. She’s by far the best trainer I’ve worked with and I highly recommend her.
— Chris Flick

Andrea is the best personal trainer ever. I have worked out with about six different personal trainers and Andrea is the first one who has listened to my goals. She really cares about results. She has a notebook where she writes our improvements and we can clearly notice effective body results. Plus, I had hip surgery a few years ago and she is the only personal trainer that was able to make my hip joint and movements to recover and improve. She has a perfect and balanced way of pushing me hard without being intimidating and I really enjoy it. She exactly knows how to make me to reach my goals. She is very knowledgeable and personable to ones goals. I’m happy to have found a trainer that I enjoy working with!
— Tatiana Bortoli