Tips to Get Faster Results From Your Workouts

To start your day off right,

 1-Get up early, Do Fasting Cardio(on an empty stomach) for a vigorous 45- include sprints- 5 days a week. You'll burn fat off like crazy!

  • 1st thing as soon as you get up, drink water with amnios and 5grams of L-glutimine 
  • take same supplements (amnios and 5grams of L-glutimine) before and after workout 

2-Eat within 15-30 mins after workout session

  • portion control all your carbs, fats, and protiens
  •  Think of 5-6 oz of lean, high protein meats, ex: boneless chicken breast, low fat/lean turkey, egg whites
  •  include leafy greens in every meal. (no need to portion control these )
  • carbs should be around 2-4 oz based on activity levels and body composition and gender
  • Fats should be low, approx. 1.5grams per meal and make sure they're good fats ex: coconut oil, avocado, olive oil, nuts, etc.
  • schedule your eating. Try to eat small meals (est. 200cal per meal) every 2 to 3 hrs. ex: 7:30 am, 10am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm
  • don't eat carbs after 6pm only leafy greens, good fats and protein. A low fat, low sugar, high protein, low carb protein shake is always a good choice.

3-Weight Training/Strength Training Eat within 35-60 mins before 1 hr. workout session. 

  • your body will burn carbs 1st always. To push through an intense, worth strength training/circuit session you'll need those carbs to help you get through.
  • once your body uses up the carbs for fuel, your body will start to pull from you fat reserve. YAY!
  • make sure you don't cheat yourself in your workouts, PUSH YOURSELF! Its not finished till its all done. "Keep Your Mind Right" in Todd Durkin's voice.
  • try to get in at least 4 training sessions a week and include foam rolling (myo-fascia release) before the session and stretching after each session. MANDATORY!

4- Drink at least 40 oz of water by the mid morning. By the end of the day try to have finished 8-16 oz, or 2-60oz of water to a gallon. (128 oz of water in a gallon)

5- Find you a gym buddy and those who support you to be a healthier you! You'll find you'll go a long way with having support.

For more tips check out the link below