Quick morning workout, start your day right!

So much to do and so little time. Sound familiar? If you find yourself in a position where you just don't have the time to exercise, try this quick morning workout. You might find it gets your mind reaved up for the day a lot better than just a cup of coffee. Trust me, your body will love you for it.

 image by @bornpacific

image by @bornpacific

Morning exercises

Circuit 1-sets1

1-bird dog 20-30secs

2-cat and cow 20-30sec

3-downward dog 20-30sec

Circuit 2-sets1

1-push-ups (modify if need-on knees or off of wall) 20-30sec

2-jump squats 20-30sec

3-sit ups 20-30sec

Remember form is very important. Tighten abs throughout every movement, let them help you stabilize and keep your correct body position throughout the movement. Stay focused, Breathe and connect your mind on the muscles you're using, let them work for you and get strong. You will get stronger! 

20-30 secs each exercise, with little to no rest between exercises. Approx: 5 min workout
*For a challenge, 45sec-1 min per exercise. 

If you're needing a push and could use a greater kick start to your healthy way of living, give me a call at 760.658.4708 and schedule a complimentary consultation. It's an investment worth doing.