Do You Have Stubborn Cellulite That Won't Go Away? Believe It Or Not, You Can Get Rid Of It

Cellulite is one of the most frustrating things to deal with. I decided to figure out how to get rid of my cellulite and I realized it wasn't going to be easy. I tried everything under the moon, but with  no real results, just only temporary results. This journey I took, required a lot of  patience, dedication and some real desire on wanting to get rid of it. This is what I did to finally get rid of my cellulite.

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Celluite is fat cells that are right beneath the skin. It looks bumpy because the skin puckers due to the fat cell pushing against connective tissue.

 Foam Rolled consistently before stretching and exerciseing 

Foam Rolled consistently before stretching and exerciseing 

Foam Rolling, stimulate blood flow

  •  not just helps with tightness of the muscles ,myo-fascia release, but helps with blood flow through your connective tissue and brings blood flow close to the surface where your fat cells are located.
  • foam roll in a heated room or sauna to get awesome stimulation of blood flow in your areas of cellulite.
 Running Stairs, fat burning workout

Running Stairs, fat burning workout

High-intensity exercise

  • running stairs engages more of your leg muscles than alternative cardio. Skip a step to increase your challenge and engage more of your glutes and hamstring muscles. This High intensity workout will help you loose weight and burn off fat in the areas where you have cellulite.
  • Don't give up! when you feel the burn, that is an indicator your pushing forward on your goal.


Stay Hydrated

  • "dehydration can directly impede the body's ability to use and remove fat from the fat cells"
  • Try to drink close to a gallon, throughout your day.
  • drink water first thing when you awake in the morning, before coffee.
  • drink approx 33-40 oz of water by 10am
  • simplify the process, make it easy for you to stick to it! Have a water bottle at hand at all times, one that you can refill and keep track of how much your drinking throughout your day.
 Cupping- a form of massage

Cupping- a form of massage

Cupping, A deeper way to get blood flow

  • This is amazing! If you have severe cellulite or not, this is defiantly for you. You may want to buy a package of sessions to do this ecomnomically, doing this consistenly gets new blood flow to your tissues and in combination with exercise and diet, it ignites the process. It will still require you to have patience in the process but stick to it.


Diet- What your eating and how

  • binge eating is terrible for you. Your body isn't sure what to do with the increase of calories at one time and so it goes straight to storage, in your fat cells.
  • FAT & SUGAR should be eaten sparingly, large amounts can increase cellulite
  • Ideal diet would be considered a clean-eating diet, fresh veggies, lean meats, no processed, pre-packaged foods, sticking to proper portion sizes consistently.
  • Cheat days, still minimize portion size and the frequency of your cheat days.


If your serious about getting rid of your cellulite, you can do it! It will require you to stick to it to get the results. Keep in mind, this process is in-line with living a healthy lifestyle so this can help you achieve much more than just removing cellulite off your body. Make sure you incorporate all the above that has been mentioned. Getting rid of cellulite isn't a "one thing" job. It does require discipline with your diet, exercise and stimulating new blood flow to your body tissues where the cellulite is present. Include it in your health and fit lifestyle regimen, you got this!!!


Andrea Tagalog ACE,ACSM, PT

If you would like further info and a complimentary consult contact Andrea  760-658-4708