From Fat to Fit: What Happened to You?

 Me before I stopped working out with Andrea back in January.

Me before I stopped working out with Andrea back in January.

This is a guest post from Christine, one of my personal training clients. Christine blogs (somewhat) regularly about her experience with personal training and weight loss.

I dropped the ball. Big time.

After ten months of consistently working out, including two to three weekly sessions with Andrea and almost daily cardio, I totally lost all resolve and let myself slip back to my pre-Andrea self.

No exercise. A so-so diet.

And you know what? I’m kind of glad I did.

I didn't realize how much pressure I was putting on myself, and I think I needed a break.

I’m a pretty confident person. You have to be if you’re going to post pictures of yourself in your bathing suit on the Internet.

But around the end of 2013, I found myself slipping into an unhealthy obsession with my physique.

Even though I looked better than ever, I kept focusing on the things that weren’t quite right. My less-than-lean hips. My lingering belly fat.

Somehow my imperfections became more important than all the progress I had made.

That, combined with starting a new job, made it difficult to keep going.

I thought for awhile that I was done with personal training—and possibly with fitness in general.

But I don’t think I am.

Over the past couple of weeks, a few things have rekindled the desire to work out.

First, I tried stand-up paddle boarding. And I was terrible at it. I couldn't stay on the board longer than 45 seconds. And the whole time I kept wondering how much of that was from my lack of strength.

Second, I snorkeled every day for a week on a recent vacation in Maui. And it felt so good to use my body again. I felt more connected to who I am.

So here I am, thinking about crawling back to the gym.

But unlike before, I’m not focused on losing weight.

For me, focusing on how I looked wasn't enough motivation to stick to a fitness regimen. But taking care of my body from the inside out is.

What if, instead of focusing on looking perfect, I focus on building strength and being able to do all the fun physical stuff I love?

So that’s where I’m at right now.

I’m not sure if I will be able to go back to personal training with the same rigor I had before (I've got my new job after all), but I am contemplating stepping back into the gym, which is huge.

And if I look better doing it? I’m certainly not going to complain!