Three Social Smartphone Fitness Apps to Keep You Motivated

The most challenging part of any fitness plan is sticking with it after the first few weeks. It’s difficult to keep going when your initial determination fades and the rest of life demands your time and attention.


However, studies suggest that you can fight back by exercising with a friend. The social pressure and inherent competition may keep you motivated over the long haul, resulting in greater weight loss.

It’s no surprise then that there are several smartphone apps built around this concept. Even if you can’t meet a friend at the gym or don’t have a partner to remind you to steer clear of that ice cream, your social network can still provide some accountability.


 I recommend this app to all of my weight-loss clients. Get started by inputting your current weight and long-term weight loss goals. MyFitnessPal will then give you a daily calorie limit. Each day, you records whatever food you eat, and MyFitnessPal tracks your calories. At the end of the week, you can look back and see how you did in comparison to your goals.

The social aspect comes into play when you friend other users, who can then view your progress and encourage you along the way. Friend your personal trainer, as I encourage my clients to do, and you’ll have even more motivation to stick to your low-calorie diet. There’s also a robust online community of MyFitnessPal users.

Cost: Free

Compatibility: iPhone or Android


There are a lot of running apps on the market, but Endomondo is by far my favorite. The app is super simple to use, and it tracks everything—route, distance, average speed, calories burned, total ascent and descent, hydration, weather conditions, and more. If you have a Bluetooth heart rate monitor, it tracks your heart rate as well.

The cool thing about Endomondo is that as you run (or walk, or bike, or swim) you can give real time updates to your Facebook and Twitter friends. They in turn can encourage you, and the app will notify you of their comments. In my experience, the social encouragement is a great way to keep your motivation up during the second half of a run.

Cost: The app is free, but there is monthly basic subscription fee of $2.99

Compatibility: iPhone or Android


I haven’t personally tried this app; however, it received solid reviews and, like the other apps in this post, relies heavily on your social network to keep you motivated.

Here’s how it works: You and your friends sign up together and set an amount of money you want to wager, real or not. You then compete to see who can check in to the gym the most in a set period of time. Whoever wins receives all the money—not to mention bragging rights!

Cost: Free

Compatibility: Android Only