From Fat to Fit: If Only I Had a Personal Trainer for My Wedding!

This post is part of a continuing series from Christine, one of my clients. It was originally published on July 24, 2013, but I'm reposting it here, on my new blog.

When I got married in 2007, I didn’t go on a crash diet or start a rigorous exercise regimen. I thought I looked good enough the way I was, and, like any bride, I had plenty of other details to worry about.

However, looking at my wedding photos today—and comparing them to my body as it is now after several months of personal training—I realize that I missed out on one key benefit of working out: better posture.

My bouquet was enormous—the florist compared its weight to that of a small child—and in several shots you can see that my shoulders droop inward. You’ll also notice that while my arms aren’t chubby by any means, they have little definition. The same is true of my back and chest area. One of my bridesmaids had to keep reminding me to pull my shoulders back and stand up straight—not something you want to worry about on your wedding day!

Let’s contrast that to today. My back and arms are toned, and when people comment on how good I look, I think they mean more than just my weight loss. I have more authority and presence, and I look better in my clothes. Andrea says I walk into the gym, and I just look stronger.


I’m as blown away by this photo as you are. I had no idea my back looked so good!

All this goes back to the postural exercises I’ve done in my personal training sessions, which have brought my shoulders back and toned my upper body like never before. I’m sure I could hold that massive bouquet with no trouble!

If you’re getting married, I strongly recommend that you give as much thought to your upper body strength as you do to your hair, makeup, and dress. It’s all going to look so much better if you have good posture and toned back, chest, and arm muscles!