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I'm a certified personal trainer with 20 years of experience helping women in Carlsbad, Vista, and San Marcos achieve their fitness goals. My tough, get-it-done attitude is balanced by my love for life and personal commitment to the women I am so honored to work with.

Personal training sessions with me are fun, motivating, and challenging. They won't be another task on your to-do list; you'll enjoy much needed "you time" that recharges your body, mind, and spirit.


Stay Safe and Injury Free.  I reduce your risk of injury by showing you how to exercise properly, connecting you with what muscles you're working, and helping you understand what your body needs for recovery. I can help you get in shape even if you have physical conditions or injuries. Seriously! Many of my clients overcome chronic pain and more. 

Personal Training for Every Woman. I keep it real by making fitness work for you. I’ve worked with blind, autistic, and ADHD children. I’ve worked with adults with polio, elderly stroke victims, and women of all ages. Your body has the ability to be in optimal shape and it's my passion to get you there. No matter who you are or what kind of shape you’re in, I can help you achieve your fitness goals through a program tailored just for you.

A mother of 5 and in her 40's. It's not impossible!

A mother of 5 and in her 40's. It's not impossible!

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Education and Practical Know-How. I have extensive training in kinesiology, psychology, and rehab modalities, including a BA from Chapman University, plus certifications in sports medicine, physical fitness, behavior management, and psychology. I’m also pursuing my master’s degree. This may seem like just another laundry list of credentials, but my in-depth understanding of the human body translates into faster, more dramatic results.

Personalized Programs. I don’t just throw you on a machine and have you knock out the same routine as all of my other clients. Your initial assessment tells me which muscle groups to target first, so we can strengthen weaknesses and correct imbalances. From there, we’ll do plenty of strength training and cardio. We’ll also work on improving your flexibility, posture, and balance. Personal trainers often neglect these areas, but they are the foundation of an active lifestyle and fit appearance.

I’ve Been in Your Shoes! I know what its like to be out of shape—I’ve been there myself. If you’re struggling thoughts like, “I could never lose this weight” or “I’ve tried, but I can’t become fit,” I’m here as living proof that you can learn to love your body—and you can have fun and eat well while doing it!


Don’t let your attitude gridlock keep you down, or you’ll find yourself in the exact same place a year from now. Take an intelligent risk by contacting me today at (760) 658-4708 for a complimentary 30-minute assessment. My clients often comment that picking up the phone is the hardest part—it’s all downhill from there!